Hydro Greenhouse 2

Hydro Greenhouse 2For All You Budding David Belemy’s Out There…You Know Who You Are!Demonstrate agriculture technology of the future with the scientifically fascinating Hydro Greenhouse 2.

This self contained greenhouse uses advanced hydroponic technology to grow vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers in the comfort of your own home or at your desk. The same technology is currently being researched by NASA to grow plants and food on the International Space Station, and on future missions to the Moon and to Mars.

The secret is that you can grow real fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers using liquid nutrient instead of soil.It’s non-electric, so it’s safe to operate anywhere, indoors or out and it is really easy to use.

There is a nutrient reservoir and an auto feed system which automatically feeds and waters the contents for up to two weeks between refills and a set of mini gardening tools so you can maintain your crop. You can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that your scientific experiment is in safe hands.

The Hydro Greenhouse 2 easily fits on to a desk or bedside cabinet. Simply add seeds of your choice and water and then have months of fun as you cultivate your cropSuitable for ages 8 and upwardsFeatures:Free packet of Cornflower seeds No soil hydroponic technology Suitable for growth of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit and plants Nutrient auto feed system Mini gardening tools included 26cm planting bed.

Dimensions:Length: 35cm Depth: 16cm Height: 33cm

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