Hybrid Cloud Improvements

The cloud computing is well know by all tech enthusiasts. If you don’t know what it is yet, cloud computing means computing utilizing a large number of computers via a network. It is simple than you think. In real life it usually means you will use a third party service and your device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) over the Internet. Keeping you files and accessing them online is an example of cloud computing.

Nowadays cloud computing is used by both individuals and companies. People use the cloud typically for storing and safekeeping their data. In most cases PC backups, images and Mp3s are loaded on cloud to be accessible everywhere. Also services like Google docs are used for documents.

Companies keep a part of the data on cloud. Also a lot of small companies choose to rent virtual private servers (VPS) because these can be accessed from everywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection.

Using cloud services is a smart way of reducing the costs and managing a business.

Right now a lot of people and business opt to use the hybrid cloud services. These means using in-house data along with data kept in cloud.

Because some of the data are kept in house these are kept safe from third-party vulnerabilities. A lot of companies are working now on developing better public and private cloud services. HP is one of them and recently Saar Gillai,  general manager for the Converged Cloud presented the newest services and technologies.

The most promising technology seems to be the OpenStack. It is an open source cloud platform which was especially created for hybrid cloud.

OpenStack is managed by HP’s Hybrid Cloud Management Platform and allows a lot of flexibility because third party providers can be used and the pricing models are utility based (pay as you go).

Saar Gillai announced at the HP Discover conference in Barcelona the new products which will be available in 2014:

  • The new generation of HP CloudSystem. This is HP’s solution for hybrid cloud computing which integrates the OpenStack. The main advantages of this technology are lower costs and more flexibility. “This portal brings a whole new level of simplicity to cloud management across the entire spectrum.” said Saar Gillai.
  • HP Hybrid Cloud Design Professional Services. This is a service which will allow organizations to design a cloud solution based on their business requirements.
  • Both HP’s Private and Public Cloud where updated to offer more self-service features.
  • To offer one simple interface the HP’s cloud management software (HP Hybrid Cloud Management Platform) and OpenStack where integrated.

If you want more details about this technology watch Saar Gillai’s presentation.

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