Hp new ad

Hp has a new cool ad showing the HP magic. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

I like how he arrange the room, I would like to be able to clean my room so fast 🙂 .

The advert is showing how smart touch devices can change your life. If you want to know more about the impact of the touch screen technologies in our life read The future gadgets will have Touch Screens.

And if you want to see the latest HP Deigns visit their site. I would like to have an HP touchsmart IQ 800.

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  1. Very cool. I always thought touch screens were extremely convenient. There are only two drawbacks that I can see: the first is when it is cold the heat sensitivity goes away and it is difficult to press the screen properly (it doesn’t read your clicks) and the second is that your fingerprints smudge the screen too much. If they can fix these problems I think touch screens will replace everything from TV remotes to how you order food at McDonalds. Regards!

  2. That was a great commercial. So funny when the girl comes in and shakes the room up.

  3. Cool commercial, even cooler computer.

  4. I love that ad. So funny. A good way to advertise how to control things with your hands or fingers. Touch screens is the way forward but there my be an accessibility problem for blind people.

  5. Cool commercial. Touch screens are the way forward and look very cool. I played with a Touchscreen PC at PCWorld, it was pretty awesome!

  6. Well done HP, there probably the first to advertise where touch techology seems to be going, but the advert itself is more about brand awareness.

    If your interested in future techological advancements check out what Philips are doing with Ambient Intelligence, absolutely amazing.

  7. The service on my iPhone is so bad I’m thinking of calling it my AOL phone.

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