How Wearable Technology Will Change the Workplace

Technological innovations have greatly modified the landscape of the world we live in. Businesses that became early adopters of wearable technology in the workplace are still measuring the impact it has had on their working environments. So far, many have sung the praises of wearable tech as an enhancement to their everyday operations. With more businesses implementing wearable tech every day, the trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.


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The Best Workplace Friendly Wearable Tech

Wireless headsets for employee-to-employee interaction have caught on the fastest. They were originally only prevalent in electronics stores, but an increasing amount of retail environments have begun using them to facilitate simplified communication. Smartwatches are expensive, but businesses that specialize in technology have been willing to make the splurge. Similar to the smart watch is the tech lanyard, a less expensive alternative that allows employees to carry data around with them.

Better Customer Service

The phone is ringing. Who is there to answer it? People have questions, and they want answers that only employees can provide. With wearable tech, employees will be able to answer support calls from anywhere. This effectively eliminates the worry about a ringing phone going unanswered while an employee is rummaging through a stock room or a supply closet. Forwarding calls to wearable tech will improve response time.

Multitasking Will Be Easier Than Ever

A client or customer needs more information than what is currently right in front of them. This usually leads to the employee handling that transaction leaving the area to check something via phone call, database, or internet search. Wearable tech will help employees pull up that information without ever having to move. The employee will be able to close the sale quickly and easily, swiftly moving on to help the next customer. According to a study conducted by the University of London, wearable tech caused workplaces to see an upsurge in productivity of 8.5% thanks to the convenience it provides.

Employees Will Love Way They Work

Employees are already familiar with their own smartphones. Being able to integrate their smartphones with their jobs will make their lives easier. Being able to access important company information from the sales floor or the table at a meeting is beyond helpful. In the age we live in, one of the first instincts we have when we need an answer to a question is to pull out our phones to look for the answers. If they’re allowed to use wearable technology at work, they’ll be able to access information intuitively without even having to stop what they’re doing.

Transitions Between Tasks Will Be Simplified

When an employee finishes one task, they usually refer to their supervisor about what needs to be done next. Wearable tech allows supervisors to send messages directly to their employees without disruption. When one task is finished, the employee can check his or her smartwatch for further instruction. Wireless headsets make it easy for an employee to ask what to do next. They can jump from task to task without having to wait to find out what’s on the agenda. When there’s less downtime during transitional periods, employees are able to accomplish more in less time.

Great workplaces operate like well-oiled machines. Wearable tech has proven itself to be the oil that keeps things running smoothly. Imagine how much more you’ll get done thanks to the fluidity provided by wearable technology.

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