How to Write with Feeling and Say Things of Value

It’s easier to rant and rave than it is to write things of real feeling and value. However, the latter is far more important, especially when most news sources use fear and hatred to fuel their revenues, ranks, and audience numbers. This article is going to give you a few tidbits on how to write positive, honest blogs posts that add value and knowledge to a popular topic—online or otherwise. If you opt for blogs, all you need is high speed internet for business and lots of things to say.

Write About Your Dreams, Passions, and Interests

The topics that you write about should be things that you feel strongly about or love. Hobbies and interests fall automatically, effortlessly into these categories. Write about your dreams, goals, and passions—then compare them to other things so your audience can relate and interact.

Be Bold, Confident, and Passionate

When voicing an opinion or new topic, have confidence with a bold, passionate voice. Let your feelings exude through your words. Your audience should be able to tell how you feel on a subject without having to meet you or discuss a topic in person.

Write as You Speak for Starters

Writings, even blogs, go through a writing and editing process. So, for starters, you should write as you speak for your first draft. Just let your thoughts and feelings flow. Ignore grammatical and spelling errors. Ignore a passive or aggressive voice. Let it all out for the first draft of a potential post. Then go back over it with the proverbial fine-tooth comb.

Polish Your Words with Synonyms

Synonyms are great ways to convey intelligence and meaning without being too wordy. You can express the same idea a hundred unique, different ways. Or, you could throw in a synonym that allows your audience to better comprehend your opinions, feelings, and thoughts.

Ask for Creative Critique from Family and Friends

When you need a blog post that speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for, you should ask family and friends for creative critiques. Ask them for honest opinions and thoughts. Then go back over your work to implement changes as you see fit before publication.

Writing can be a therapeutic to your mind and spirit. You have the power to be uplifting and positive, bringing people up with your go-getter mood. Or, you could be the typical Debbie downer—which, honestly, the world doesn’t need more of. Whatever direction your writing goes, make the decision to write things of passion, knowledge, interest, and value.

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