How to use your newly bought washing machine

You might have heard that washing machine is one of the must-have gadgets in today’s world which eases the labor you have to put in cleaning the soiled clothes. Thus, it is quite assumable that you will fail to resist the temptation of buying one and making it a part of your daily life. But there is a thing that might still appear challenging to you: how to use a washing machine. So, we are here to sort out this fix. Take a look.

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Read the instruction manual

The first thing that you must do before you start off washing your clothes in this quintessential gadget is to thoroughly read the instruction manual provided with the same. The manual incorporates a set of do’s and don’ts that are specifically designed according to the capacity and functional features of the particular brand you have bought.

Know the control buttons

The control buttons provided with the washing machine varies from brand to brand and model to model. So, you will always get stuck in your project unless you are fully aware of each control button. Locate them, read what’s written on them and correlate that with the instruction manual to identify what is the exact function of each particular button.

Load it as recommended

A piece of advice is that you must have a rough assumption of the load of soiled clothes that you generally have. Since each machine comes with a specific load bearing capacity so you must be careful enough to load it with that recommended weight, or else it can lead to severe damage to the machine.

Connect the inlet pipe

You need to check carefully whether you have connected the inlet pipe with the water tap or not. In case you have forgotten this, your machine will never run! This is because water will never flow into the washing drum in order to clean the soiled clothes.

Take care of the outlet pipe

Put the outlet pipe in proper position. Ensure that it is kept closer to the drainage pipe so that the soapy and sluggish water can flow out while the washing machine carries on with its task. If you forget this step, be prepared that your floor will be flooded with ‘grey water’!

Set the controllers as per your preference

Once all the steps are properly followed, your final task is to close the lid and set the controllers. Now that you are already aware of the functions of each button, set them according to your preference and allow the machine to carry out the task peacefully.

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