How To Use Your Laptop In Bright Sunlight During The Summertime

There is nothing worse than being unable to use your laptop in the outdoors during warm weather. It’s a frustration for all technology users when you are unable to see your LCD screen due to the reflection of the sunlight.


Having to rely on a good, longstanding battery outdoors is one frustration however; this combined with poor visibility can cause great stress for the user.

There are various methods of combatting this issue which may help you during this summertime

Think About Your Position

It is vital that you sit in the correct place to maximise your chance of full screen visibility. Sit facing the sun so that your screen will be clear and away from the sun’s rays.

Turn the screen brightness up to full and although it may drain the battery quicker it is highly effective. Position yourself near a mains power source and an extension cord.

Fashion Accessories

Invest in a pair of dark sunglasses which will help to reflect the sunlight and allow you to see clearer without attempting to block the sun with your hand. A hat will benefit both your health and it will also keep the direct light blocked from your vision.

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, wearing dark clothing will absorb the sunlight instead of reflecting it on to the LCD screen.

Laptop Health

Keeping your laptop components cool and out of direct sunlight and heat is absolutely imperative. If laptops are mistreated then internal parts can become and unusable which can be highly frustrating. Devices can very easily generate their own internal heat which if left can cause a cumulative effect.

Adjustable stands can be purchased from all major technology outlets which offer the laptop support as well as keeping it away from warm surfaces. Some come built in with an internal fan which helps to prevent hard drive failure.

Additional Laptop Accessories

There are a variety of accessories on the market which will improve your screen visibility. Purchasing a new laptop with a matte screen finish is an option or an anti-glare filter which can fit over your existing LCD screen. If you wanted to go for the inexpensive method then you could simply place your laptop inside a cardboard box, which although may look odd, is actually a high effective method.

Whichever way you choose to work outside, make sure that you carefully look after your device and keep it cool and away from direct sunlight.

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