How to start with your own customised phone case business

These days, there are more phones than people in the world. This means there are a lot of opportunities to get your hands on this very progressive marketplace. Phone cases these days are particularly in trend. This is because people want to leave an impact of their individuality and want to experience something difference with a device that stays with them all the time. Also, phone case business comes with a variety of benefits such as lower cost of production and online and offline demands. Here is a quick guide which shows how to start your very own customised phone case.

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Know the type of phone cases available: There are plenty of phone cases available in the market. Some of them are visually appealing and some of them give a rugged look. You can look for Slim and gel cases, Bumper cases, Folio or wallet cases, Tough Cases on Miniturtle.

 Decide which devices you should focus on: Devices can impact your business to a great extent. By that I mean it is not only the type of phone cases that you want but it is also about the phone cases that you’d be supporting. This would also serve as an opportunity to see specific niches based on different phone models. You need to think out of the box and analyze the market. If you find any phone whose cases can do wonders in the near future, you should definitely consider investing in it. Phone cases for Motorola definitely have an edge over other phones cases.

Where to get the designs?

After the market research, the question arises which designs to finalise and from where to get them. Designs can really make or break your business idea as they would prove to be a real differentiator. You can do some ‘googling’ and can have a look at the prevailing trends or you can search for some designers or designing communities which can work as a freelancer or full time. You can also make your own designs in Photoshop or Photopea.

Using a print-on-demand service: Once you’ve got some pretty designs, it is time that you should put them into action. You can use a print-on-demand service which let you print phone cases on demand. They might take a big chunk of your investment but they also take care of shipping and fulfillment so that you or your customers don’t face any hassle.

Hog for a manufacturer: Out of all the processes, this one is the most tedious. While you need to find out people who can buy in bulk with a minimum order and have the potential so that you’re not stuck with those ample of cases they ain’t selling.

Selling your phone cases online: Now that you’ve figured out your market, you need to figure out your customers and supply chain. With this, you also need to see how and where to sell your phones cases. You can also open an online store and build a brand and can expand your market efforts. With this, you also need to expand your market efforts and build up strong business efforts.

Phone case customisation is an essential part of a phone’s accessories these days. You ought to understand a consumer’s pattern of buying a particular kind of phone case. Don’t get disheartened seeing the competition of the phone cases. All you need to do is to stay focused on pitching to the right niche and invest your time, money and efforts in bringing your products in front of the people.

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