How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

Microsoft offers all useful features built-in on Windows versions to help you deal with almost all performance issues effortlessly. It comes also equipped with additional useful features to perform other tasks. One of these built-in features is the ability to restore deleted or lost files on your system. To begin with, you can look into the system recycle bin to restore the deleted file or next is to use the other useful built-in features to do so.

How to recover deleted files in Windows 10: Once you delete any file or folder, It is not permanently deleted from your system instead it is marked as “deleted” in system drive’s Master File Table (MFT) or the File Allocation Table (FAT). Here, the file remains on your system but you will not be able to see it listed under the folder it used to be. Though you can’t see the deleted file on your system but you can recover deleted files using built-in feature on your Windows 10 system. Here, we have discussed some of these effective steps to do so.

Use Recycle Bin to Restore Files: All the files or folders you delete on your system directly go to system recycle bin. Thus, this should be the first place to look for when you are trying to recover your deleted files. To recover deleted files from recycle bin, simply go to system Recycle Bin and sift through all files to find the file that you wish to restore. Now right-click on the selected file and choose Restore option to instantly recover the deleted file. If you can’t find your deleted file in system Recycle Bin then we suggest you follow below-mentioned steps.

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Use Restore Previous Versions Option: To recover deleted files in Windows 10, you can use this built-in “Restore Previous Version” option on your system. You can find this feature on all Windows versions under Windows Volume Shadow Service. Here, it automatically creates restore points on your system to help you roll back any changes and to get deleted data back. You can use this effective feature even if you had deleted files using Shift + Delete option or emptied your system recycle bin. This built-in feature reduces the need of using any third-party software but it is advised to perform this action in an early stage of file deletion.

To use this feature, head to the folder where the deleted file was originally stored. Now right-click on this folder and choose “Restore Previous Versions” option. Here, you will see a new folder where all the previous versions of the folders will be available. To restore any of these older versions, simply select it and press Restore button.

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If you are not able to view “Restore Previous Versions” option, follow these steps.

  • Head to Start menu > Control Panel > System & Security > System. Now turn on the System Protection option from the left sidebar to view all drives with its corresponding protection.
  • Here, you need to select a drive and press on Configure option.
  • Now tap on “Restore system settings and previous versions of files” and press OK. This simple step will help you view “Restore Previous Versions” option.

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Use File History Option: Another effective feature that is available built-in on your system is File History that helps you restore deleted files effortlessly. Here, you can back up your files on an external USB drive or on a network and use File History option to back up your important files. It helps you restore older version of lost, deleted or damaged files seamlessly. To use this option, go to the folder that had the deleted file originally and click on Home button > History. Here, it will open and display files contained in the recent backup of that particular folder.

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Next is to click on the Previous button to view and choose the file that you want to restore. Select the file you want to restore and tap on the green Restore button. Here, it will restore the selected file and open it in the folder that contains the restored file. You can use this effective step to get all your lost, deleted or damaged files back effortlessly.

Use File Recover Software: The next best solution to recover deleted files on Windows 10 system is to use best file recovery software tools. Here, these smart tools work on advanced algorithms to help you find and recover all deleted, damaged or lost files & folders effortlessly. These smart tools thoroughly scan your system to find all deleted files and display a detailed report to help you select and restore the files effortlessly. These smart tools work automatically to help you save your time and efforts.

Conclusion: using certain built-in utilities on your Windows 10 system, you can recover your deleted files effortlessly. Here, we have discussed some most effective steps to help you recover your lost files. If you know more about these steps, feel free to comment below.

Metadata: Using certain built-in features on your system you can recover deleted files in Windows 10 effortlessly. Here, we have discussed some simple yet effective steps to help you do so.

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