How to prepare and secure electronics for moving

The boxes are ready, the bubble wrap is sitting there, waiting to get popped – it’s that time again, it’s time to move. The experience this brings is a good thing, a milestone and new beginning, moving truly can be something to look forward to. The one thorn in everyone’s side usually is – electronics. Hefty, finicky and above all – fragile, these objects designed to make a life easier only make it a living hell when having to move them from point A to point B.  But not all is lost.

How to prepare and secure electronics for moving 4

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Mark down what goes where

We’ve all been there before, we unpack that sound system we spent life and limb getting, only to get stumped when faced with the task of reconnecting it. Even the most tech-savvy of us agree that thinking ahead can save time and nerves, and a simple photograph or a marker can do wonders. Before disconnecting anything, mark down all the cables or take a snapshot showing you exactly where everything went.  There is nothing worse than ending up with one disconnected cable and no clue where it’s supposed to go.

Keep all accessories with the device

This point cannot be stressed enough, keeping the cables and accessories with the device they are supposed to be connected with can save people a world of hurt. Unpacking your carefully moved TV only to realize that one of the legs is somewhere in the cornucopia of bags and cases currently spread all over the new living room. This is why it is always a good idea to keep the boxes in which the products came in, as these boxes are the most efficient way of transporting all of the components safely since they almost always contain protective Styrofoam and/or bubble wrap.

Provide a buffer

Whether you opted to repack your electronics into its original packaging or decided to wing it, it is worth keeping in mind that the transition from point A to point B might end up being a bumpy ride. There is a plethora of solutions out there, ranging from bubble wrap to edible cornstarch packaging peanuts, all providing enough shock absorption for even the most fragile of appliances. One other option is the old favorite – crumpled paper. Widely used in the transport of porcelain, the pockets of air in-between the paper do just as good of a job as any type of foam.

When in doubt – duct it

When you have finished sorting your appliances and figured out what to put them in, apply a generous amount of duct tape to the bottom and sides. Inexpensive and abundant, duct tape is an invaluable tool for moving in itself, but really shines when electronics are concerned. It can cover weak points in the boxes, provide additional support for glass panes, waterproof your container and even make a DIY handle should a bag tear apart.  A real jack of all trades, duct tape can and will be a lifesaver in almost any situation, providing an added layer of security.

Avoid cramming everything together

Although tempting to finish off a move in just one or two load, this attempt to save on fuel and time can have disastrous results. All the legwork done to secure your devices and protect them for the duration of the move would be in vain if you decided to squish your LCD TV in-between two speakers to save space. Consider leaving the most fragile of your electronics as something to be strapped into the passenger side of the car or leaving it for a second drive, after all, a gallon of gas is cheaper than a new monitor.

Consider help from outside

If using a car isn’t your forte, alternative options exist. Hiring a moving service may seem like a pricey option at first glance, but may actually save you time, effort and yes, money. If you seek advice from the end of lease cleaning experts, they’ll probably suggest investing into a van or a flatbed for large-scale moves since it is just as, if not more, cost-effective as doing it yourself. This upside of this approach is having trained professionals handle the heavy lifting and transport while leaving you with more time to get settled in.


Moving, in itself, is an adventure; and by following these steps, we are able to keep the idea of moving free of doubt and fear of what might happen to the gadgets we’ve collected over the years. With just a bit of thinking ahead and some bubble wrap, the stress that comes with moving will be a thing of the past.

By Leila Dorari

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