How to lower your cell phone bills

Cell phones are as common today as TVs and cars. Most everybody has one. In fact, more people probably have cell phones than they do cars. Cell phones have become a necessity whereas 10 years ago they were pretty much unknown. Cell phone bills are more than double the cost of a regular landline phone so it’s important to find ways to successfully lower your cell phone bill.

Here are some ways to lower your cell phone bill.


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First thing you need to do to decide on which service is better for you is the availability. Does the provider offer service in your area? Most major cell phone providers offer service nationwide but the cost is pretty much the same. There are other not so popular companies that offer lower rates. Find out if these companies offer service in your area.


What type of cell phone service do you want? Although most providers offer similar types of services, there are different bundles and packages available. Some providers offer better or different services based on your needs. Do you want the Internet service on your phone? Free long distance, unlimited texts, or unlimited phone calls? Are you looking for a family or individual plan? Decide on what type of quality phone service you are looking for to make the best choice.


Most areas have multiple cell phone providers available in their area. This can make it difficult to choose from. There are local cell phone providers who offer prepaid services. This is where you would pay a certain amount for minutes upfront. Once you have used those minutes, you will need to pay for the time before you have access to make more calls.

The most popular providers may offer this kind of pre-paid services but they also offer monthly bill service. Do they have bundled packages? Do they offer combined cable and internet packages? Do they have special deals or offers available to first-time customers? Do they cover certain areas? Does the company require a contract or is the service month to month.

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Bundled Services

Bundled services include multiple services offered by the providers. Make sure you ask if bundled packages are available. Many times you can save a great deal of money this way.


Let the company know you have contacted other companies that have better offers than the one you are currently receiving from them. Explain why you are looking for cheaper rates. The representative will definitely search thoroughly for the best service the company can provide you in order to meet or beat offers from their competitors.

They don’t want to lose a customer. Let the agent know you really want to use their service, but if nothing is offered that appeals to you, then you will have no choice but to go elsewhere. Many times this response will result in the agent offering a “special” deal. Remember, you are looking for the best deal.

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