How to Fix the Windows 10 1803 Crashes Computers with Intel SSD

Windows 10  Update  Version 1803  had been released in April 30. As with any previous update, it will be some bugs in the preliminary stage, it’s confusing. Before we have proposed several bugs in the update process, including Blue Screen of Death, game performance degradation and sluggish switch of “Tab + Alt” keys and so on. Now, there is a big trouble occurring.

Microsoft confirmed that some computers with Intel SSD will enter a UEFI screen reboot or crash constantly after installing the Windows 10 Update.The only solution is to  back to Windows 10 version 1709, if you have updated Windows 10 1803. and suffered the same problem. Meanwhile, Microsoft has not announced that which specific Intel SSD models may be impacted by Windows update problems, so the Intel users had better not install Windows 10 1803.

How to back to windows 10 1803

From above information, we know Windows 10 1803 crashes computer with Intel SSD, and also leads to some other Windows 10 update problems. With that in mind, we suggest that you should backup to  installing Windows 10 1803 Update before. In this way, if Windows 10 1803 crashes computers with Intel SSD, you have the chance to get back to the previous state. Thus, we will introduce a software to backup Windows 10, which is MiniTool ShadowMaker.

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MiniTool ShadowMaker provides data protection and disaster recovery solutions for computer, it  is an all-in-one system backup and data protection solution that can be used to back up system/disk/files/folders, to customize backup schedule, to manage disk space taken up by backup files, to create WinPE bootable media, to clone hard drive, and so on.

Step 1: Install the software. Launch the software and click “Keep Trail” to continue. Then choose “Local” to get the main interface by clicking “Connect”.

Step 2: MiniTool ShadowMaker is designed to backup system disk by default. Actually, if there is no back on your computer, The Home page will give you a notice and you just click “Set up Backup”. And you can see system partitions are checked under Backup page. Then you just need to click Destination tab to choose a destination path to store the backup files.

Step 3: In the popup window, you can see that there are four destination paths. In the “Computer” path, you will see all partitions are listed here. Then you can choose any destination path depending on your own interest. But please kindly note that the destination should be large enough to store all backup files. Then click “OK” to continue.

Step 4: Return to the main interface, you can click “Back up Now” to start the process immediately or click “Back up Later” to delay the process.

And then, you also need to know how to restore computer to earlier date Windows 10.

Are you still worried about that Windows 10 update failed will lead to some other problems? Nevertheless, you can take advantage of MiniTool ShadowMaker to backup Windows 10 before updating so that you can restore to previous Windows state.

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