How to Determine Which Smartphone is Right for You

Since there are so many great smartphones on the market today, it can be very hard deciding which one to purchase. A smartphone is an extremely big purchasing decision because of the price, so you want to make the right choice. If you follow this guide, then you should have no problem determining which smartphone is right for you.

How to Determine Which Smartphone is Right for You

Set A Budget

It is a wise decision to set a budget on every major purchase. If you know that you do not have much money to spend, then there is no reason to set your sights on buying an iPhone. Once you determine exactly how much you have to spend, then you will be able to narrow down the phone choices in your budget.

Determine Your Needs

Everyone is going to use their smartphone for different reasons. Every smartphone also has a few areas where it excels. The goal is to match your needs with the smartphone that excels the most in that area. If you plan to watch a lot of videos on your phone, then you are going to want a smartphone with a big screen with high resolution. Picture lovers are going to have a completely different set of features that they look for in a smartphone. The one feature every smartphone user can agree on is a long battery life. If you choose to go with an iPhone, then you will want to find an iPhone 5 battery extender case, which you can find at stores like outEDGE Power Products.

Pick the Right Operating System

The operating system of your new smartphone is going to determine exactly how you use the phone. The three main operating systems for smartphones are iOS, Android and Windows. They all have their own unique programs, apps and user interface. It may take some time to learn the iOS on the iPhone if you have never owned an Apple product, but the learning curve may be worth it if you are interested in the vast app collection. A full breakdown on each of the operating systems can be found here.

Test Out the Phones

After you have completed extensive research on every smartphone available in your budget, you will still probably have a tough decision to make between a few phones. If there is not a phone that absolutely matches all your needs, then it would be wise to try out your final choices. Every smartphone retailer has a display model of each phone they sell, so this is the perfect opportunity to try them out.

Purchasing a smartphone is a big decision that you have to deal with for several years. It may take some time, but there is no reason you can’t make the perfect decision with this guide.

By Lizzie Weakley

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