How to Control Your Home's Security with Mobile Devices

Technology has advanced greatly in the past 10-15 years. The use of computers has greatly increased, and in the past decade,, smartphones have increased even more. The popularity of smartphones is tremendous. Smartphones have created many advantages and features for its users. You can download application software and have access to social media, websites, games, and a host of other software programs.


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Along with these great features in a smartphone, is the ability to control your home’s security system with your smartphone. In the past, security systems have mostly been wired. But with the development and popularity of wireless security systems, the use of smartphones controlling alarm systems has increased. With a smartphone, like an Android or iPhone, your home automation system can connect to household appliances, including your alarm security system to either enable or disable them.

How it works

You will install a piece of software to your phone or download a software program on your smartphone and then connect the alarm system to the main board or panel controller. Once it’s set up properly, you can use your phone like a remote control. You can turn off or turn on your phone in your house or while you are away. This is very beneficial when there’s a false alarm. Being able to control your alarm system gives you a little more sense of control and safety because you can monitor the activity that takes place in your house.


Plug your security system into an outlet, but don’t turn it on just yet. You need to set up your control or panel board first. Make sure the alarm system is disconnected or turned off to avoid the alarm from sounding. Turn on the panel board for the alarm system. Download the software program onto your computer or to your smartphone if you can. Make sure you read all the instructions.

If you downloaded the program to the computer, with a USB cable cord connect your smartphone to a computer. Synchronize the program from the computer onto your smartphone. It will let you know when it is finished synchronizing. Do not unplug the USB cord until the synchronization is complete. Depending on the type of software program or interface your phone uses, go to the main menu, application and open the appropriate software.

Do it yourself wireless set-up

If you need to set up your wireless system up first, follow these directions. If you are a do-it-yourself person when it comes to things in your home, then installing a wireless security system in the home would be easy for you to do. It’s much easier to install a wireless security alarm system than it is a wired system. If you don’t want to pay a professional contractor to come out and install your wireless security system, then follow these steps to installing a wireless security system in your home.

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