How to Choose a Portable Charger and their Types

Power banks are becoming the new standard when it comes to charging and the reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers. Many of us have things to do and place to be and most of the time we charge our devices by using USB wall chargers. That can cause problems because our devices have to stay in a single place when they’re charging using USB wall chargers.

Power banks allow us to charge our devices wherever we go and the best part is that there are lots of types of power banks on the market. The reason for that is because power banks are becoming increasingly popular and as a result, there are lots of companies that sell power banks. This has caused quite a lot of innovation to be made with portable chargers.

Power Capacities from Low to High

How to Choose a Portable Charger and their Types 4

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Power banks are built on their power capacities otherwise they wouldn’t be called portable chargers. It’s what makes them portable in the first place and it’s also what makes them more or less portable than each other. What I mean by that is that there are power banks that have low and high power capacities and they both have their own uses.

The ones that have low power capacities are the most used and popular ones. The main reason for that is because they’re very small and one of the best form factors that these low capacity power banks can come in are with Slim sizes. Slim power banks are basically the size of a smartphone and that means that your smartphone and the power banks are able to fit into a pocket and charge.

Then there are power banks that have high power capacities. These ones are larger and heavier, so they won’t fit into your pocket and neither are they the best for holding in your hand for long periods of time. What these high power capacity power banks do excel at though, is that they have enough power to charge devices multiple times over to the full power and still have power left over to use. They also have many charging ports so you can charge many devices at once.

Charging speeds will Define how to Experience a Power Bank

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Just as important as the power capacity the charging speeds is just as important and that’s because depending on the Output charging speed, you may be using the power bank for hours or for minutes. Charging speeds for most Mini power banks are quite slow, with that said, there are newer Mini power banks that have 2 Amp charging speeds and even ones that use USB-C charging for compatible devices.

Charging speeds for power banks that use many USB charging ports is a lot more important and that’s because the many devices that you’re charging at once should charge at good speeds. If a power bank does have multiple USB ports, then each port should have a charging speed of 2 Amps or higher. That’s because 2 Amps is enough to charge most devices at max or near max charging speed.

Then there are devices that are able to charge even faster than that. Such as Tablets like iPads that have max charging speeds of 2.4A. There are also lots of smartphones that are compatible with Quick Charge and ones that use USB-C for charging. Using compatible devices with their compatible fast charging tech will allow you to get a lot faster charging while you’re on-the-go.

Input Charging

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The recharging of a power bank is just as important as the charging of your devices. Since it’ll determine the amount of time it takes for you to use your power bank again. Mini power banks generally have slow Input charging because they have a lot less power to recover from the beginning. However, high capacity power banks are ones where a good Input charging speed is vital.

Which is why power banks that use 2 Input ports are really good as they’re able to charge to full power at double the speeds. Then there are ones that use Quick Charge or USB-C for recharging they’re just as fast as using 2 Input ports; however, power banks that do use Quick Charge or USB-C for recharging require a Quick Charge USB wall charger for max recharging speeds.

 Who you purchase your Power Bank from

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Since there are lots of companies that currently sell power banks, it means two things. That there’s a lot of competition and also that there are quite a lot of companies that sell low-quality power banks. Some companies on the market like to use buzzwords to explain why their power bank holds quality but most of it is just ways to make you purchase it without knowing the details. That is why it’s important to take a close look at the specifications of power banks and to read reviews to know that the company that you’re purchasing from is indeed providing quality products.

By Usman Haq

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