How To Choose a Gaming Laptop

If the user need a laptop to play games, then performance becomes the most significant factor for the laptop that he should concern most. It also means that the user should pay attention to hardware. Actually, it is less complicated for the user to choose gaming laptop hardware now than before. has a lot of laptop reviews, and you can read it before you buy a gaming laptop.


Processor needs to be taken into consideration first when selecting a gaming laptop since it is the most crucial accessory to a laptop. At present, there are two mobile processors which are two best choices for a gaming laptop to be powered by: the i5-7300HQ with quad-core four-thread design and the i7-7700HQ with quad-core eight-thread design. The player can choose either of them based on his budget for a gaming laptop.

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Graphics card

As far as game playing is concerned, graphics card should be of the most importance. But in the meantime, graphics card’s importance is prone to be exaggerated or boasted of by the seller. For a game like the Playerunknown’s battleground, it at least requires the laptop to come with entry-level GTX1050Ti graphics card. GTX1060 is also qualified for this game and this graphics card is of the most cost performance for the player. The player with an enough budget can also choose graphics card with better performance like GTX1070 or even GTX1080.


Laptop screen is also an important factor, and we have summarized three factors of the screen for the user to pay attention to.

Laptop screen basically consists of two types: IPS and TN. IPS screen has excellent color displaying performance and brings wider viewing angle, but it has high cost; while TN screen has common color displaying performance, but it gives faster response and it is a good choice for electronic games. Besides, it costs less. The user can make a choice between them according to your actual need.

A gaming laptop with common consumer grade has the resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. If the user pursues better image performance, then the user can choose a laptop with 2K or 4K screen. But screen with high resolution requires graphics card with better performance.

Most laptop screen refresh rate is 60Hz, only few high refresh screens are designed for electronic game. These high refresh screens’ refresh rate reaches 120Hz or even higher, so the available screen model for electronic game is few. For those who don’t often play electronic games or they don’t pursue high game score, we don’t recommend you buy high refresh screen because screen s with high refresh rate only shows in part games and such screens are highly cost.


It is easy to choose laptop memory since the user only needs to focus on capacity. For current laptop, 8GB is entry-level capacity. If the user wants to have better game experience or often run multi software in the same time, then 16GB or even 128GB will be better choice.


At present, a gaming laptop usually comes with a small-capacity SSD and a large-capacity HDD to guarantee seep and capacity. If the user has enough budget and wants to have better game experience, then he can choose a laptop with large-capacity SSD.

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