How To Check For Available Domain Names

When looking for a suitable domain name for your website, you will need
to find out if someone else has taken it or not. A website should always have a domain name that specifically matches what the website is concerned with. What happens if someone else has already picked it up? There will always be an alternative for such a problem. In some cases there are suspicious people who pick out most probable domain names that they fore see to be needed later. This is what is basically referred to as cyber squatting.


The best way to check available domain names include using the following ways;

There are specific registered companies that have been assigned the task of checking available domains. It is advisable to use such companies instead of depending on people engaging in cyber squatting. One of the most reliable resource finders on these issues is, a site that allows one to find out. This site has a search box that allows one to enter his/her preferred domain name. One should also include the specification that determines the website type. This could be .org to refer to an organization, .ac for an academic institution or even .com for commercial sites. The search results could depend on whether the domain name is in use or not. It will also give you multiple alternative or rather suggested names that you can pick from.

Other techniques used include using software installed in your computer to search for domain names. This is not very common because it may not give you all the available results and you are also required to purchase the program itself.

The last but not the least will be to physically contact a domain name registrar. They may help you find a specific or a related name.

The discouraged way as earlier stated is to consult people engaging in cyber squatting. This is because of the reason that most of them do not own the domain name for a good reason but to exploit others. Here you will just have the option of paying them more money than it would have cost.

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