How To Buy Truly Great Gifts For Nerds

It’s a great feeling buying a gift for someone that they really wanted and that they really appreciate. When you manage to get a present that’s just ‘bang on’ it shows that you know them and you get to enjoy the look of genuine excitement when they open it (rather than the weak smile that’s the alternative).


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If you know someone who has a nerdy streak, then the good news is that there are plenty of things you can buy that will help you to get the former reaction. Nerds are enthusiastic by definition and tend to have a lot of things that they’re passionate about. The only difficult part is getting into that world and understanding what will get that excited reaction. Read on to learn how to do that…



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If your nerdy recipient is someone who loves technology and gadgets then that gives you a huge range of options for gifts that are sure to get a very enthusiastic response – particularly if you have a larger budget.

Here, the trick is to find something that’s ‘cutting edge’ and that can be defined as ‘the latest thing’. This is what makes nerds excited and what makes particular technology interesting, so the trick is to think ‘different’ and ‘high tech’. A perfect example of this would be the Oculus Rift – a virtual reality headset that you can only buy online by signing as a ‘developer’. This is something that has a huge amount of buzz in the tech world and that any guy who likes computers and gaming would be incredibly excited to open.

But that’s a very expensive gift and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get something that fits these criteria. An alternative for instance might be the ‘leap motion’ which is a controller that allows gesture input for the PC. You can move your hands around in front of the screen, and as you do you’re able to manipulate digital information in an exciting and new way – super exciting for any tech nerd.

On an even smaller budget though, there are still exciting ways you can impress a nerdy recipient. Try one of those stores like ‘Red 5’ or ‘Menkind’ and you will find all sorts of techy and sciency gizmos for a cheap price that still have a bit of wow factor. A plasma globe for instance, a remote controlled droid/helicopter or even just a laser pen will normally be a hit.

Pop Culture


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Anyone who has watched Big Bang theory will know that the other thing nerdy folk love is comic books, comic book movies and action/sci-fi/fantasy films in general. Many geeks will find themselves forced to ‘repress’ this part of their personality and deny themselves those giant statues of Optimus Prime or the Enterprise.

This is where you can come in then and give them something that they’ll find really exciting. I always tell my girlfriend that if she wants to really impress me at Christmas all she has to do is to go into Forbidden Planet and then buy ‘pretty much anything’. When your geeky recipient rips these ‘collectibles’ open they’ll feel like little kids again and that’s how you make a Christmas truly exciting.

Comic books themselves of course also go down well, as do various films. Here though, the trick is to look for the most limited edition version you can find. Nerds love opening huge boxsets with booklets on the back story and embossed finishes, so find the most extravagant versions of your recipient’s favourite films and they’ll be in seventh heaven.

Personal Items


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Better yet, go more personal than just the Marvel Boxset or the Lord of the Rings trilogy and find out what it is that moves them about that particular series. Like I said at the start of this article, nerds are essentially just people who are highly passionate about a lot of things, so find out who their heroes are, or whether they love the art design or the characters in the stories they read. This way you can get them something more unique and one of a kind, be that a signed photo of their favourite action hero, or an original pencil sketch of a comic cover by their favourite artist.

Get inside that world, spend some time in it, and then you’ll be able to give a gift that’s more than just a little exciting…

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