How to Backup Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox to PST Easily & Safely

The security and compliance centre of any organization is built upon the fact that regular archives are taken. They implement the best and effective ways to store confidential conversation on safe servers. They look for different ways to backup Office 365 Exchange online mailbox to PST file. These are technical steps that are implemented by administrators and experts in IT departments. These can be used to secure private communications between clients and costumers. It can be helpful to reference some of the important information in future or just truncate large mailbox data. There are steps to export Office 365 user mailbox to PST file format step by step. This post lays down all the instructions related to it. Continue reading to find out all that there is to it.

Stepwise Guide to Backup Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox to PST

Following are the instructions to download Office 365 emails to PST file:

  • First, go to Office 365 Admin Centre >> Security and Compliance Centre >> Permissions and edit eDiscovery Manager role group.

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  • From the ‘eDiscovery Manager’ role group properties window, add the account name eDiscovery Administrator and click Save This will help with the Office 365 Exchange Online emails to PST extraction

  • Then, go to Search & investigation and click on the plus button from the Content Search Then, click on the Next button.

  • From ‘Search Everywhere’ dialogue box, mark the box for Exchange in order to export data from all mailboxes.
  • In order to export specific account data, use the option for Custom Location Selection. Then, click on the plus (+) button and add the mailbox you want to backup Office 365 Exchange Online emails to PST.

  • In this next screen, a user can add filtering options such as keywords, phrases, time ranges, message types etc. After having typed all the information, click on the Search button to backup Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox to PST.

  • Finally, a report will be displayed with specific details of the search. Then, click on the Start Export

  • Now, a pop will appear will multiple options. Choose the appropriate settings and click on the Start Export

  • Now, the process to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST will be initiated. There is a facility to either wait for it to finish or click Download exported results right away.
  • If this option is selected, a download and export tools should finish on time.

  • In this screen, a special export key is generated. Make sure to ‘Copy to Clipboard’ to use the link in the next step.

  • Finally, a download for eDiscovery PST export tool will start. Paste the copied key in the space provided.
  • Also, browse to the folder location where the .pst file will be saved and click on the Start

Another Way to Backup Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox to PST

The security concern of any organization is to find the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. They look for workarounds in professional software that are specially designed just for this purpose. They go for Office 365 Export PST tool. It is a simple application that can be downloaded to any of the latest versions of Windows. It can be used to extract and save complete email folders to PST and EML format. It can be used by an administrator to download multiple user mailbox data. A user can select between different accounts as well. There are multiple options available to apply date-based filter and naming convention.


The data storage is highly volatile and there are chances are corruption, damage and infection in every aspect. In multi-million organizations the risks are huge and chances increase significantly. Such companies cannot escape with a narrow mindset and without a proper plan to backup Office 365 Exchange online mailbox to PST. There are options to go with the normal manual method which can be redundant considering a large number of employees and the number of data that needs to be migrated daily. One can also go for the alternative version. It is swift, fast and must-have for any industry that deals with vast loads of data. There is a facility to try the demo version if a user is open to new strategies.

By Peter Baris

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