How To Avoid The Latest Computer Fix Scam

Scammers are loving the online environment because they have access to many people fast. One of the latest online scams are the ones where you are announced that your computer has errors and needs to be fixed.

In this article I will show you how to avoid such scams.

No company will call out of the blue you and ask for personal information or to have remote access to your computer.

For example the Blog informs their clients that they will not call if something isn’t working. If you get a call it is probably a scam!

What to do to avoid scams:

  1. Be careful on reveling personal information on the phone! Do not give your card number, social security number or other data. Ask where is the caller company located and go there to offer the information if needed.
  2. Do not allow remote access to your computer. The only exception is if you call the business first.
  3. Do not get impressed by the business name. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other big companies usually don’t call people so it is probably a scam.
  4. All scammers will try to scare you and this is how you spot them.  They want you to act fast: buy now, act now. There are very few problems which are so urgent, so if there is a urgency involved be extra careful.

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