How the movie industry is adopting video game technology?

Games based on movies are pretty common and most of them are all about living the story rather than engaging in a furious combat. It is however true that a lot of these games copied from movies end up getting bad reviews even though the story was crafted to perfection. There’s always something wrong with them and they never seem to meet fans’ expectations.


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Movies inspired from video games – flawlessly crafted virtual worlds

A lot of directors have the ability to bring a game to life and unlike a video game (that looks mechanical made), movies inspired from games are livelier, they look real – so they gain popularity really fast. Tekken is a great example of a movie that got really popular. It was based on a PlayStation fighting game very similar to Mortal Kombat. Other big titles include – Resident Evil, Prince of Persia, Max Payne, Hitman and many more. Although most movies based on games make a lot of revenue, most of them are not good quality movies with high scores on IMDB. Regardless, they still make millions.

The tides have turned – movies get inspired from games and not the other way round

About 20 something years ago, game creators were adopting ideas and technology from the movie industry to make their games much better, but now the tides have turned and we are seeing movie directors use video editing and CGI technology from the gaming industry. This has a huge impact in the way movies are made and most dangerous stunts are replaced by special effects.

37 people died within a short span of 10 years (from 1980 to 1990) while filming different movies. Injuries still occur today but the death toll has gone down by a lot. It’s easy to see how this technology has helped make the movie set a safer place for everyone but that’s not the only thing it has accomplished.

Remember all those beautiful scenes you see in movies these days (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit)? Well it’s impossible to capture the perfect moment so a little bit of trickery needs to be used from time to time in order to make everything look perfect. The background is an important aspect in any film but special effects are just as important, and this is especially true for action films.

Whether it’s Wolverine slicing through a military utility vehicle or Spiderman swinging his way through the city – special effects are the show stealers. Old movies did not have the technology so they had to use real objects to simulate whatever was inside the director’s head. But now, the movie makers can express their vision more vividly with a lot of attention to detail – the perfect example of that imagination is James Cameron’s Avatar, who wanted to do the movie decades ago but didn’t have the means.

Special effects in movies – inspired from games, taken to the scene of a potential blockbuster

Some movies are entirely based on special effects. It is a new concept they’re trying out where the whole movie is shot in front of a green screen. With the right kind of editing – these movies can have the most breath taking scenes ever and at the same time keep the production cost down. “Life of Pi” is a groundbreaking movie which was shot in front of a green screen. It features some of the most beautiful, and at the same time, treacherous scenes. The tiger featured in this movie was animated using CGI and it took a lot of effort to make it look real.

Both the gaming and the movie industry can learn a lot from one another to improve themselves as technology improves over time. Soon, more and more movies will be created the same way as “Life of Pi” and I have a feeling those movies won’t disappoint us either – at least not visually.

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