How Technology Is Driving Property Letting Business

Why The Industry Should Embrace Change, Not Shun It

The property letting industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology – but that’s not a bad thing.

There’s no doubt that the property letting industry is totally different to how it was, say, five years ago. Since the launch of AirBnB and similar online marketplaces, people can secure themselves a property in a matter of seconds. Likewise, landlords benefit from a huge number of users browsing properties, and can market their own to attract certain kinds of tenants. We’re much more likely to consider staying in a rental property over a hotel than we were before – and this effect is really driving the industry in a different, but exciting, direction.


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A good internet presence

If there’s anything that the rise of AirBnB has proved, it’s that technology plays a big part in how we find places to stay. While it’s great to have guests spread the word, you simply cannot compete with other properties if you don’t have a good online presence. Places like Panfield House, a renovated cottage hotel in Braintree, have easy to use, attractive websites that draw in potential tenants. Setting up a website isn’t hard, and your initial investment will be well worth it with all the interest that it generates. Things to include plenty of good quality photographs, customer testimonials and contact details.

Social media

A good social media presence is also really important too. Business is heading to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we’re all spending a lot of time there. It’s also easy to access these sites on the go, thanks to smartphone apps. So make sure that you’re regularly updating your social media profiles – and target potential tenants too! You can do this by monitoring certain search terms, like ‘holiday let’ and the place that you’re located. You can then quickly reply to tweets including these terms, and start those all-important conversations.

Online agencies

With technology leading the way in the letting industry, agencies have changed their game too. An increasing number have shifted their business online, knowing that business meetings and visits to a high-street premises eat up valuable time. It isn’t just time that people will save though – it’s money too. Agencies will display their prices on their sites to lure in both clients and tenants, so it’s very easy for property owners to look around and find the agency that will work the best for them. There has been a growth in demand for property database development to meet the needs and expectations of today’s customers.

The personal touch

So in an era where we’re all doing business online – is there any room left for old fashioned, face to face customer service? Yes, there is! It’s through the internet that property owners are engaging tenant’s interests, but it’s those personal touches that will turn new visitors into regular ones. Providing things like books, films and a fully stocked fridge will help your guests to feel at home – and being on hand to answer any questions and provide advice and recommendations is a smart move too.

It’s an exciting time

Like any industry, property letting is experiencing some changes. What property owners and agencies need to do though, is embrace those changes rather than resist them. Tenants are looking to book properties quickly and easily – and the only way they’ll consider that now is mainly online. While it make take some time and effort to become confident with all of these technological advances, all of that hard work will pay off when a property is fully booked for months to come.

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