How Modern Technology is Affecting Your Education

It seems as though every day when you check the news or scroll through some updates online, you’re hearing about a new method of technology. These forms of technology have implications in your personal life, but they also heavily spill over into education.

How Modern Technology is Affecting Your Education

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Distracting from Classroom Time

Modern technology has many benefits, and you can use the tools to learn; however, that’s not always what happens. Teachers and professors spend far too much time trying to get students to take their gaze away from their cell phones and texting. Because of this extra time spent on discipline, lessons are not taught to their full potential. Furthermore, students are not necessarily absorbing all of the information because they are too busy texting.

Availability of Online Courses

While some forms of technology detract from the lessons that students can learn, others help to bring education to a whole new group of students. Those who were previously unable to attend classes because of physical ailments or due to their work schedules can now opt for online courses. Many programs allow you to complete all of the requirements through online classes or to tackle most of the courses online with a fairly small residency requirement.

Tools for Learning

Even when you are attending classes in the traditional classroom, technology still comes into lay. For example, your teacher might show movie clips or videos to help aid in a lesson, or the professor may use an interactive quiz board to encourage all students to participate in the discussion. On top of that, some of your homework assignments might involve online discussion board, and you will likely have to learn how to properly conduct research online at some point during your educational career.

The Requirements for Your Job

Since technology plays such a major role in education, you can likely guess that it also has prominence in the job field as well. Employers want to see potential employees who are ready for the demands of the current work climate, so you want to consider classes that infuse technology into their lessons, especially at the college level. You may even want to pick a degree program, such as a technology MBA, that allows you to engage in a field you love coupled with technology.
Even if you do not realize the impact that modern technology is having on your education, you cannot stop the changes from happening.

By Lizzie Weakley

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