How Mobile Apps Can Help You Find a Job

Customised mobile applications allow you to connect and share from your smartphone screen. BlackBerry’s updated operating system BlackBerry 10 allows users to access more applications than before, and not a single smartphone producer is missing out on the opportunity of constantly improve their service – operating systems become more advanced with every update. This constant development means that users can access more entertainment apps – but entertainment is by far not the only way to use mobile applications.

Are you a student looking for a job? Did you just graduate and are eager to start working, or are you simply looking for a change of workplace? Your smartphone can do more than keep you entertained and connect you to your friends; mobile apps can also connect you to future employers and potential coworkers, ensuring you stay on track with your job search. Here are three top three mobile apps for your smartphone; these apps are available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows RT.

EverNote is a popular application that can help you stay on top of your efforts to find a job. It allows you to take detailed notes and keep track of everything that you have done so far – and you can then even export your data to your netbook or desktop PC. Where have you applied so far, and where are you planning to apply? Who do you need to call next? By constantly taking notes, you ensure that you always know what you’ve done last – and know where to start off your job search next time. You can comfortably take your notes with you wherever you are – no need to worry about carrying your laptop with you.

But Mobile Apps can not only help you keep track of your job hunt – they can also help you to become aware of any new job openings and improve your professional networking. LinkedIn is a well-known platform for professionals, and it is also available as a mobile application. You can upload your CV and job history, keep your skills and references updated, build a professional network, and get in touch with potential employers – or even let them get in touch with you, if you are lucky.

While you’re busy downloading networking apps, don’t forget about the simple applications. Do not underestimate your mobile email application; it can be crucial to your job search. You have just heard about a new job opening, but don’t have your laptop with you? Simply drop them an email from your smartphone – the faster, the better. Online job databases often offer email alerts for jobs that you might be interested in, and by having access to your emails wherever you are, you will never again miss a last-minute interview.

Article by Saima Paakkonen

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