How Kitchen Appliances Have Helped Change The World

Throughout history people have been refining processes, studying the way everyday tasks are completed, experimenting and trying to come up with new ways of working. It’s no different when it comes to the kitchen – people are continuously looking at the methods used to perform tasks in the kitchen and then attempting to see if they can be done more effectively.


The art of boiling water at home

A good example of a kitchen appliance that has been altered and refined considerably over the years is the kettle. It was in 1891 that Compton and Co are believed to have come up with the very first electric kettle, although in reality a lot of companies were coming up with different designs towards the end of the 19th century. Finding a replacement for the traditional stove top kettle was a big thing, but the first models were slow and inefficient and it was about 30 years later in 1922 when The Swan Company came up with a kettle that came with a built-in element, greatly reducing the time it took to boil water. Roll on another 33 years and another major step forward was taken by appliance firm Russell Hobbs, which had managed to create the first kettle capable of switching itself off when the water inside had reached boiling point. But while some may have expected innovation to stop at this point, instead industry researchers went on to create the cordless kettle, kettles that change colour when they’re boiled, kettles that whistle and models that are so efficient they can boil just enough water for one cup of tea, saving the consumer money and time.

No more washing up

But kettles are just the start when it comes to appliances in the kitchen that save their owners time. The dishwasher has revolutionised mealtimes, and many families no longer have to deal with the hassle of spending half an hour after a meal washing pots and dishes. Look at the toaster, which brought an end to the need for people to hold bread over an open flame when they wanted to crisp it up, or perhaps the breadmaker which now allows people to enjoy the great taste of fresh bread at home without the need to spend time kneading and shaping dough themselves.

Remote control ovens

One of the most important appliances in the kitchen has to be the oven though. Eating is something that we all do, and it is no exaggeration to say that advances in this area have changed the world. Most people eat three times a day, and the ability to prepare such a wide range of foods with the minimum amount of fuss has been critical in the way society has evolved. These days it is possible to heat food in a pan without the actual cooker getting hot – all possible thanks to the development of induction technology. There are stoves that can even be controlled remotely these days – switched on using a mobile phone application or just a text message. The time saving possibilities for users are considerable and could completely change their daily eating routines. And one thing is for sure, the trend for innovation is not likely to end anytime soon.

Guest post contributed by Simon Jones, an hobby chef who can’t go very long without his george foreman grill and griddle. Loves to be in the kitchen cooking and creating food for his family.

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