How iPad Can Revolutionize Medical Record Keeping

Cost and adaptability are two things physicians consider when they look into ways to make patient care easier and faster and turning to the iPad for patient record keeping is becoming the wave of the future. There have been several applications developed for Smartphones that allow physicians and other health care professionals to access medical records instantly, but viewing radiology images on a small screen may not provide the detail they need to make an informed decision.


The next time you’re in the doctor’s office take notice of the volume of file folders that are housed there. Consider how many records are kept in them and how long it might take for your doctor or the staff to retrieve those files and sort through them. You may also wonder how much time could be saved by having all of your records available electronically to help the physician compare your current test results from older ones and make a sound decision based on all of the correct information.

For most physicians, time is money and in order to save some time they may not always pull all of your records. Even the use of wireless laptops tied into the facility’s mainframe can be an inconvenience when they have to carry one around with them or set it on a stand with wheels and guide it through their maze of exam rooms. It would seem that the iPad is an ideal solution. They are thin, lightweight and portable with wireless technology.

They are also large enough for the physician to be able to make sense out of the images they are viewing and they can be used to enter the information about your latest visit. One of the best advantages is that they are mass marketed making them less costly and with the right applications installed can provide an excellent return on their lower investment than even some of the less costly laptops.

Many printers are also available that feature wireless technology enabling the physician to write out prescriptions and other medical instructions on their iPad and print out what is needed. By using the iPad and its Internet capabilities they can also, if they choose, send the prescriptions wirelessly to many pharmacies. With all of the patient’s records on their iPad there is no need to dig through paper files or other medical records to locate test results or image scans. All of the patient information will be instantly available with the right applications on their iPad.

There is also no need to record information about the latest visit and have their recordings transcribed for the paper file. Everything can be done electronically and with the right application securely saved on the office’s server for recall when needed. Some of the newest applications provide for more than one patient access, which can help a busy physician who may have to move from one patient to another in different exam rooms. Additionally, with the information available wirelessly, regardless of their location they can find their patient’s records even if they are not in the office.

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