How Google created Chrome logo

I have found a very funny image called How Google created Chrome logo. Enjoy ":)



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  1. LOL omg I never even noticed they used the same colors and everything, thats pretty funny

  2. Really funny images i havnt seen before. Good.

  3. This is very funny indeed! I wonder who came up with this idea? The colors do look very similar don’t they, maybe done intentionally or otherwise, we wouldn’t know. Thanks for sharing this cool post!

  4. That’s pretty funny. You would think Google could have spent a little more time & effort on the Chrome logo.

  5. How to deal with

    “I have found a very funny image called How Google created Chrome logo. Enjoy “:)”

    It’s funny how people probably didn’t notice the similarities in color between both logos. Creativity is now something inspired by previous works—basing them on past originals and creating originals from these.

  6. “How Google created Chrome logo. Enjoy.”

    Thanks for posting this entertaining comic! I can’t believe I didn’t see the similarities before. I’m looking forward to more comic storylines like this.

  7. “How Google created Chrome logo. Enjoy.”

    Although design wise both logos are very different, maybe the Google Chrome Logo was inspired by the Windows one. The colors are, after all, familiar to most people.

  8. That’s creative one… I never imagine it..

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