How Does Gaming Develop the Intelligence of a Person?


Playing games is one of the favorite hobbies these days of young people. And it should be. Games aren’t just for fun; they can have a healthy benefit on your mind too. Let see how they can affect your intelligence. Firstly we thank the popgi for this article.

How Does Gaming Develop the Intelligence of a Person? 3

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Gaming requires a lot of focus. There are certain games where the players have to focus and find clues about how to complete a specific mission. There are missions where they have to go through areas that require extreme concentration. In FPS games, the gamers require extreme focus to carry out the most accurate and extremely precise shots. There are missions where they have to perform stealth operations and complete the task totally undetected. This requires a high level of concentration of mind, which trains the mind to perform in stress full conditions with complete focus.

Decision Making

In games, the players have to go through missions where they are subjected to making decisions where they have to make the right choice, which would lead the game forward. To make such choices, they have to make certain deductions and assess the situation. This requires a high skill of observance and deduction, which are advanced brain traits. They are something that people with high intellect can carry out. Carrying out missions like these in games can result in the training of the brain for these conditions. Which in return makes the brain perform better.


There are a lot of games that require the player to dole out a strategy. There are many that a child can play, with clear instructions and directions. But there are certain games that are hard to be played by people with an average intellect. They require brains with strategic qualities and high functionality. Such games heighten the intellect of the players by making them create strategies to complete the missions. Playing games like these is a very good practice for the mind and can result in increasing the intelligence level of the person playing the game.

Where gaming has a lot of advantages, excessive gaming can also cause damage to the brain. After all, it is a part of the body and requires rest.

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