How Cloud Computing Really Works in Healthcare

Cloud computing is the use of multiple computers that backup their data to remote servers that are hosted on the internet by a data service company. This removes the need for local servers and allows computers in different locations to access information from the same server. It is a great boon to many businesses today and is being used in many industries.

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How do Healthcare Facilities Use Cloud Computing?

Healthcare facilities use cloud computing in multiple ways. One of the most common is in the exchange and cataloging of patient history and information through the use of electronic medical records. With cloud services, all of a patient’s medical record, testing results, images, and prescription management can be stored on one server, where other specialist and medical professionals the patient sees will be able to access it quickly. This aids physicians in making the proper diagnosis, ordering correct testing, and providing the best course of treatment based on their medical history.

According to Integrity Support, cloud computing in the healthcare field is also used for physicians and specialists to aid in research and identify trends. With all the patient’s data located on one server, physicians and researchers can use analytical programs to help pull information and data that may help them to research or identify patterns in the medical discipline they are exploring.

Healthcare facilities can also provide insight into the healthcare facility itself, such as providing the administration with data on patient demographics, insurance levels, health issues, and treatments. Through this data, health care facilities can identify their needs and deficiencies in regard to the population that they are treating as well as needs that may be developing in the area.

Why are More Medical Facilities Moving to Cloud Computing?

Medical facilities have gravitated toward cloud computing to help provide the best service to their patients as well as reducing the risk of misdiagnosis and complications that that can cause. The use of cloud computing provides physicians with information from other doctors and specialists as well as all the information in a patient’s history so they can determine the most likely diagnosis and best possible treatment option. Not only does cloud computing make patient care more efficient, it also reduces the administrative time and cost. This will free up time for other administrative functions as well as money that can be put back into medical technology and equipment that the facility may need.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

While there are many benefits of cloud computing in healthcare, some of the most widely noted include:

Security – The data service providers are responsible for the high level of security needed to maintain health records so that the burden of security is taken off the healthcare facility. These data providers are able to comply with all required HIPPA laws.

Mobility – Not only can information be accessed anywhere, it can also be accessed through a range of mobile devices helping physicians to maintain efficiency.

Patient Collaboration – With having a patient’s medical record and history easily accessible, physicians will be able to collaborate with patients easier and come up with a form of treatment that works for all parties.

Data Analysis – By applying analytical methods to the data received, physicians will be able to identify trends and access other statistical information.

Peer Collaboration – Physicians will be able to discuss options with peers and specialists quickly to help diagnose difficult and critical cases that may come their way.

Cloud computing is an advanced way to connect all a patient’s physicians, specialists, and facilities into one location so that their medical conditions can be properly monitored and treated. As cloud computing continues to advance, medical facilities, patients, and physicians will be able to continue to connect to provide the best medical service and treatment for all parties involved.

By Eileen O’Shanassy

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