How Capturing Live Streaming Video from Internet has been made Simple

Movavi Screen Capture Studio has been designed for capturing and recording real time screen activity. Making use of this live streaming video recording software, you would be able to record live action in your computer. The software enables you to save the recorded video on to your hard drive with ease. It would not be wrong to suggest that the program has been an ultimate tool for recording and watching your video for later. You could do number of functions with the state of the art features that the software has to offer. Recording of online events, various TV shows and educational programs have been made easy with a single click of a button.


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Functioning of the software

You might often wonder how to capture video from internet with this amazing video capturing software. The initial step would be to install the streaming video recorder on to your computer. The program could be downloaded from the website with ease. However, you are required to go through the installation file to follow simple instructions on how to install the video catcher successfully on your computer. The next step would be setting parameters for recording live streaming video.

Among the several features offered by the software, you would be able to set up parameters for recording the desired video. For setting up the parameters, you have to mark the limits of the video capturing area. The yellow frame visible on the computer screen could be adjusted according to your needs. It would mention the area to be recorded. You could also set the resolution of the video to be recorded by clicking on the preset size option provided by the software. However, you should ensure that the icon for ‘System Audio’ has a green check mark. It implies everything has been functioning in proper order. You could click the icon manually in case if it is not there.

Recording, editing and saving the recorded video

By clicking on the ‘REC’ button, you would be able to record the desired video. Editing of the video has been made simple and convenient with the program. In case, you do not wish to edit the recorded video, you should simply save the recording in the desired format. An available list of formats has been provided for your perusal.

Movavi has been providing latest developments for both experienced and novice computer users. However, you should make sure that you are not recording copyright protected audios and videos, as it do not comply with the policy of the software.

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