How can your Smartphone Make you Money?

I think we all know that smartphones are not the cheapest gadgets out there. Their sophisticated and strong hardware, amazing screens, massive storage space, and graphics performance all cost money. And if you use them in the way most other smartphone users do, they don’t add monetary value to your life – or, in layman’s terms, they don’t make you money. But there are ways in which smartphones can be used to pay for at least mobile broadband – or even themselves.

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Hiring people to do individual jobs is not a new thing, but it has reached its apogee in the smartphone era. Now it’s easier than ever to book a nanny, a handyman, a dog walker, or anyone else to do a single job. And it’s easier than ever to find micro-jobs to complete, thanks to a number of smartphone apps built with this purpose.

FieldAgent, Gigwalk, and their likes offer their users a handy smartphone platforms to find errands to run. Once completed, these errands earn them rewards ranging from store credit or discounts to cold, hard cash. While these micro-jobs will surely not turn you into an instant millionaire, they can ease the task of paying your phone bill month after month.

Online games

Most smartphone users play games on their handsets – so why not play them to make a buck? The All Slots Casino Canada offers its players the possibility to enjoy the thrill of a fully featured casino experience on their smartphone, try the online slot games available at And by “fully featured” I mean the real thing, where players can win real money.

The All Slots Casino is mainly an online entertainment venue, but playing the right games can turn it into a cash machine. With an amazing collection of games, the All Slots Casino offers its players the chance to win smaller amounts on a regular basis, or change their lives forever with massive rewards. Playing there for money is a bit risky, though – remember, the All Slots Casino only offers a chance to win, but does not guarantee it. There is only one thing that’s guaranteed here – quality online entertainment.

Novel jobs

Pokémon Go is a massive sensation, but it requires a lot of time – and effort. But for some, it can also be a job, at least this is what a 24-year-old New York woman proposes. Her Craigslist ad is straightforward: she offers to walk around in 1 to 4 hours shifts, catching every Pokémon she comes across, for a flat hourly fee of $20.

“I will focus in on catching specific types of Pokemon (i.e. fire, water, electric) if you want. I’ll even send you silly screenshots so you don’t feel too much FOMO (fear of missing out) while you’re doing something that prevents you from accessing PokeWorld,” her Craigslist ad reads.

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