How Can Using Golfing Gadgets Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Even if you are not particularly interested in playing golf, you have to admit that it is interesting trying to figure out all of the different ways that the professional players are able to consistently do so well. It could be natural talent, or it could be training. It is difficult for the average person to tell.

Below is a list of gadgets that claim to be able to help improving your golf game and according to the reviews, people seemed to be pretty pleased with the product.


This is an extremely helpful and useful product. It is about the size of a large watch and can be used like one, but it basically allows you to combine all of your devices into one. You can receive texts, listen to music, challenge yourself, time your workouts, and there is even a special golfing section. The golfing section will help you to layout the green so you can improve your game. Bubba wears one during his practice sessions, and there have been a lot of positive reviews in regards to the product.

Wii Fit Golf

It is true that this may seem just like a fun game for the family, but on the Wii Fit Plus there is a section that will measure how you distribute your weight and how you swing your “club”. This is not the most impressive way to help your golf swing, but at a minimum you will be able to see where you need to make adjustments with your weight distribution and your swing.

Garmin Approach S3 Watch

This is a perfect watch and golfing assistant. It can help you map out your distance from the hole. It can be worn and used just like an everyday watch, but it has a lot of beneficial aspects when it comes to the golfing world.


It basically works as a GPS, but instead of your car finding a way from point A to point B it is your golf ball.


Swingbyte is the perfect app to help diagnose issues you may have with your swing. You simply strap it on to your club. Swing like you normally would and then it will read your swing and diagnose your problem areas. It is a great piece of software that is extremely helpful when it comes to try in becoming a better golfer.

Electronic Caddy

You may not be a professional golfer and be able to afford a personal caddy, but you no longer have to with the electronic caddy. It can help you with suggested clubs, diagnosing your swing, and mapping out the course.


It all comes nicely bundled. Those caddies are rather affordable and can last quite a long time if treated properly.

Golfing can be an interesting and tricky game. There is a lot to take into consideration such as swing, body placement, weather, terrain, distance, club, and much more. A few training gadgets may be exactly what you need in order to step-up your game. You may never be someone that can compete against Tiger or Bubba, but you will definitely be able to hold your own against your buddies on a golfing outing. You might even end up winning a local tournament or two.

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  1. Swingbyte is now being sold in the UK from for those that are interested in it. They have just teamed up with flightscope so look out for some exciting upgrades in the near future, i.e. distance etc these will take off big in 2013

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