How Battery Manufacturers Quality Test Their Products

Millions of products use batteries to propel their movement or sustain operations. From your cellphone to mobility scooter, these batteries come in various shapes, power outputs and lifespans. When manufacturers produce batteries, these powered cells must be tested and verified by the staff. To understand the background behind the batteries that you rely on, take a close look at the quality-testing process.


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Begin With a Full Charge

After a battery is completed on the assembly line, it might have a partial charge. Individual battery cells are often powered before they’re even placed into the final assembly. However, the manufacturer needs to see if the battery will take a full charge without any malfunctions. They’ll attach the battery to its corresponding charger and notate its charging time. Batteries shouldn’t overheat, charge too quickly or fail to charge. Ideally, the battery should be charging within the item that it’s sold with, such as a mobility scooter’s battery and charging system. When the battery shows that it can take and hold a charge, it can move onto the next testing phase.

Place Battery Under Load Conditions

Most manufacturers streamline their quality testing by placing the battery under a simulated-load condition. Loads are a general term for the components that will be powered by the battery. Printed circuit boards, motors and other items place a load or stress on the battery. It must be able to withstand these loads and offer steady power throughout its use.

Try a Real-Life Scenario

If the battery passes a simulated-load test, it should be added to its intended product. A cellphone battery should be tested within a real phone product, for example. The factory might use the phone throughout the day, so that the battery can be tested under real-life conditions and stress.

Back to the Drawing Board

If the battery fails under any of the simulated or real-life conditions, it must be analyzed by the factory. Ideally, the product shouldn’t leave the factory until all of the issues are solved within the battery’s design.

Reputable battery manufacturers quality test every product type, including wholesale scooter batteries. Although internal parts are similar, every battery can have unique issues that are inherent to their shape and size. In the end, batteries simply need thorough and consistent testing before leaving the production facility. Consumers can trust these manufacturers to put out a quality product.

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