Hottest Tech Degrees for a Long and Lucrative Career

Tech-savvy employees are in high demand, but many students are unsure of which direction they should take with their academics and training. With hundreds of technology degrees and certificates out there, here is a look at some of the best degrees for a lucrative, rewarding, and secure career in the coming years.

Hottest Tech Degrees for a Long and Lucrative Career

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Computer Science

Employees with computer science degrees are sought after more than ever by companies within every sector. These students can specialize or focus on a wide variety of skills ranging from basic internet technology management to specific coding languages. This field will allow an employee to work with both hardware and software and is also a great starting point for those looking to apply for graduate school.

Information Security

Every business is at risk of being attacked by cyber criminals and cybercrime is on the rise. An Information Security degree will allow students to tackle these new challenges head on as countless companies from around the world are now hiring dedicated security teams and specialists. Students with Information Security degrees are also in demand for a number of public sector positions within many branches of the government. An online master’s degree in information security is a great option for people with undergrads and already working in their careers.

Network Systems and Data Analyst

The estimated growth for data and network systems analysts is around 50 percent within the coming years, and this means that the demand for these specialists is quickly outpacing the supply. These professionals carry out a wide variety of tasks within the field of technology and students can further their knowledge with a number of certifications such as forensics and big data analysis.

Green Technologies

The green technology industry is estimated to be worth $1,233 billion by 2020, and this means that students looking to break into this emerging market should consider a degree specializing in green technology or renewable energy. Some of the degrees currently available can focus on options such as solar energy, wind energy, energy management, and sustainability.

Biomedical Engineering

According to a number of studies, biomedical engineers are expected to take some of the highest-paid positions over the next 20 years. These professionals can be employed in a wide variety of locations including research facilities, hospitals, and educational institutions and are at the forefront of medical technology.

The field of technology is vast, and this means that students and future employees have more options than ever when it comes to emerging markets. From the hands-on development of new devices and software to educational and consulting positions, these degrees are now more lucrative than ever.

By Anica Oaks

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