Home Technology: State of the Art Items You Need to Secure Your Home

With over two million burglaries that are reported each year, intruders are becoming more desperate with break-ins in an attempt to steal valuables. It’s important for homeowners to increase their security measures to reduce the risk of theft from occurring. By using state of the art security items, it can prevent burglars from targeting your home and can protect your property from intruders who attempt to enter.

Home Technology State of the Art Items You Need to Secure Your Home

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Wireless Motion Spot Lights

To prevent intruders from hiding in dark corners of your property and attempting to open a window or door, wireless motion spot lights will detect any movement that occurs within several feet and will turn on a spot light. This will work to startle the intruder and alert the homeowners or neighbors of suspicious activity that may occur.

Home Alarm System

Homes that do not have an alarm system increase their risk of a break-in by 300 percent, making it important to use a device that secures the premises 24-hours a day. Opt for a product that uses wireless technology and screens their employees to ensure that you use a trusted company that will notify the police within minutes of a break-in. According to Astro Guard Alarms Vancouver Ltd., several home alarm systems also come with controls that allow the homeowner to lock doors or turn on certain lights on the property right from anywhere in the world.

Surveillance Cameras

To monitor any activity that occurs on your property, you can install surveillance cameras at various points of entry. You can view unusual activity that may occur from the comfort of your home and record activity that occurs for an easy way of reporting suspicious individuals who try to access the home. The product can also zoom and sweep 360 degrees with lens that can be controlled from a joystick.

Electronic Watchdog

An electronic watchdog device will immediately sound when someone is on the property, causing burglars to assume that a vicious watchdog is present within 26 feet. The product detects movement and barks more frequently the closer an individual comes near the home.

To enhance your home’s security and have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected, there are a number of different items to purchase that offer state of the art technology. By installing the devices and keeping them activated throughout the day, you can reduce the risk of a break-in and deter any intruders that may be targeting the property.

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