Home Protection: 5 Techy Gadgets that Will Upgrade Your Security

Many people worry about home security. We all worry that burglars might break in, stealing valuable or sentimental possessions and peace of mind. Parents might also be concerned about the safety of their children. Thankfully, technology has developed in ways that allow homeowners to have more security and peace of mind through security devices. If you are someone who would like to protect your family and your most important possessions, there are many devices that will secure your home from burglars. Here are five techy gadgets that will make your home more secure.

Video Streaming Devices

Any good security system will have video surveillance, but some of the technology of the past decade has created the ability to have even more ease of access to knowledge of home security at any time of the day from anywhere. Some security systems, such as Canary and Netatmo Welcome offer homeowners the ability to have video surveillance of their home streamed to their smart phone, tablet, or computer. With devices like this, homeowners can know who is around their home, even if they are at work, at the grocery store, or on vacation.

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Security Lights

Motion sensor lights are another way to add security to your yard area. When the lights are tripped, you will know instantly that someone is on your property, no matter the time of night. This is especially useful in alerting you of home invasion when you are sleeping.

Smart Lock Systems

Some entry door locking systems, such as the August Smart Lock, use virtual keys instead of the traditional metal key. Your smart phone is programmed with the virtual lock, and the added bonus is that you will know who came and left the house at any given time of the day. It’s also convenient because metal keys often get lost, but most people find it much more difficult to lose their smart phone.


Many home security systems come with an alarm that you can choose to sound. With the most recent home security systems, the camera will record activity and then send it to your phone. If you see an intruder, you can then choose to alert the police or sound an alarm to scare the intruder away.

Emergency Electrical Service

While not technically a gadget, having a day/night emergency electrical service that will keep all of your electronic gadgets running at all times of the day is integral to your home security system. If your home experiences an unforeseen problem, such as a power surge, you will need a service that will get your home security system running as soon as possible.

There are numerous security systems available. In the past few years, by combining smart phone technology with home security systems, you can now know that your home is safe, whether you are there or not.

By Lizzie Weakley

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