HiloBlack Diamond Prestige Glasses Review

I just got a pair of HiloBlack Diamond Prestige glasses to review.

HiloBlack Diamond Prestige Glasses

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It may seem that glasses are an old and boring subject and there is not much to say about these things, but in fact there are new technologies used and the designs are constantly changing.

Because we are spending a lot of time in front of a screen (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone) our eyes need some protection, in plus a lot of people require prescription glasses. Luckily the new technologies help us to see better and look cool.

The first thing I noticed when looking for glasses was the design. There are thousands of designs to choose from when it comes to glasses so you will find something to fit you face features and your style. The HiloBlack Diamond Prestige have an interesting design because of the acetate and beta-titanium blend. The glasses are a good option for a tech enthusiast.

Regarding the functionality the HiloBlack Diamond uses acetate plates which are considered to be durable. This is an important aspect: we don’t want our glasses to be easily faded or deformed. Durability is a must, in my opinion when it comes to glasses. After all I don’t want to get a new pair weekly, the more I can use my glasses the better. The acetate is blended with ?-titanium (beta-titanium). This is a smart combo because the beta-titanium flexible, lightweight and durable.

HiloBlack Diamond Prestige glasses seem pretty solid, although they are light. The materials are flexible the product looks to be well built. I don’t need prescription glasses so the lenses from my pair offers UV protection only. The lenses are made from hard resin and offer 100% UV protection which is useful because it will protect you eyes from powerful sources of light such as the sun and also it is an useful feature for the ones working from a computer.

In conclusion:

The HiloBlack Diamond Prestige are a cool pair of glasses to have. They have a cool, techy design, offer UV protection (if you need prescription glasses you pair can be customized) and also they seem solid and durable.

Pricing and availability

The HiloBlack Diamond can be purchased online form Trioo.us.

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