High-tech Kitchen Gadgets for 2017

The fact that your kitchen hasn’t changed its appearance since the ‘90s doesn’t mean that things haven’t progressed. In fact, with all the technological innovations of the modern-day society, the kitchen of today may actually look Jetsons-esque in comparison to that of the late 20th century. If you are a gadget nerd who wants their kitchen to be as modern as possible, these neat devices will make your head spin!

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Samsung Smart Fridge

We live in the world of smart technologies – everything from phones to cars has earned the “smart” prefix to its name and rightfully so – these devices very much deserve their title. Now, even your fridge is no exception. Although the Samsung Smart Fridge can’t order your food online based on what your supply stock level is, it is almost as good. Equipped with an 8-inch LCD screen and connectivity to Wi-Fi, the Smart Fridge brings a ton of options to the table: from memos, calendars to internet radio and smart TV playback. In fact, it can even mirror your smartphone!


One of the worst things that can happen in a shopping day scenario is remembering that you have forgotten to buy something upon coming home. One of the solutions here would be going back to the store, but a smarter way to go is getting GeniCan, a device that is placed in your garbage and scans the barcodes on the disposed items, automatically sending them to the list on the GeniCan phone app that you get with your product. If an item that you’re throwing away doesn’t have a barcode, simply hold it in front of the gadget and the phone app will prompt you to add the item to the list manually.

Egg Minder

There really is no telling if an egg is good while you’re still at the supermarket – you can’t just blatantly pop an egg open in the grocery store in order to check if it’s spoiled or not. Well, this isn’t exactly true, now that the Egg Minder is here to help! Instead of having to toss your entire meal in the garbage after figuring out that at least one of the eggs used to prepare it were rotten, you can now use this gadget to find out how old each of them are. The Egg Minder also comes with a mobile app which will notify you once your egg supply starts running low.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

No one really wants to bother with preparing their meal when they come home from work, but you have to eat, right? This issue often results in you ordering takeaway – meals that aren’t exactly known for their nutritional value. Seeing as how the only other option is going to bed hungry, wouldn’t it be neat if you could pre-program a cooker to activate before you arrive home from work? Well, the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo allows you to do exactly this! In fact, you can even turn it on through your smartphone app, letting you adjust all the cooking settings according to your preference. Now, you can enjoy healthy meals even while waiting for the experts like the ones from Blanco appliances to repair your cooking equipment.

AwoX StriimLIGHT

Every cooking enthusiast knows how important proper light is, but how awesome would it be if you could use a single gadget for both your lighting and music needs? If you find this thought appealing, the AwoX StriimLight will intrigue you. In addition to an energy-efficient LED bulb, this gadget is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. LED lights both pay off in the long run and provide lighting that’s as close to natural light as bulbs go, while a Bluetooth speaker will definitely make your cooking experience more relaxed.

The future of kitchen gadgetry is here! If cooking is your thing, investing a bit in the mentioned high-tech equipment will be right up your alley!

By Diana Smith

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