High-Tech Clinics: 5 Gadgets You Need to Better Treat Your Patients

Every healthcare professional’s primary goal is to care for their patients. A dedicated provider must keep an open mind and search out new technology. Every single day researchers form every corner of the globe come closer to a procedure or invention that has the potential to change the world. What follows is a look at a few exciting products that can help you treat your patients today. These technologies can have a real, positive impact on your patient’s satisfaction.

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Portable Ultrasound Machine

Pregnant women and their children are among the most vulnerable patients that you will serve. A portable ultrasound machine has many applications. Perhaps the most important of those applications is emergency monitoring. If an accident occurs or there is reason to believe that a baby is under in utero stress a portable ultrasound machine, such as those manufactured by Keebomed, can be the difference between life and death.

Digital Stethoscope

Digital stethoscopes are small and powerful. They allow a healthcare provider to listen to a patients heartbeat through standard ear buds. They also allow for the instant transfer of information into the patient’s EMR.

Vein Viewing System

A vein viewing device is portable, lightweight and sanitary. It allows for easy and painless location of a patients veins. This reduces the patients discomfort and anxiety.

Early Sense System

This innovative system makes collecting information seamless and simple. It improves the patient experience because it allows a provider to capture vital signs inside the exam room and send them directly to the EMR. This system limits clerical mistakes by eliminating a step from collection to recording. The patient’s vital signs go from the exam room to the patient’s EMR. Research shows that tens of thousands patients die each year from medical mistakes. An early sense system helps to eliminate these errors.

Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer is an accurate and sanitary way to collect a patient’s temperature. They need no covers because they do not ever come in contact with the patient. They are perfect for children because they are completely uninvasive.

Your health practice’s main goal is to serve patients. A responsible and reputable healthcare provider must constantly be on the lookout for helpful technology. Technological advancements that can potentially occur each day. Healthcare professionals must be vigilant and proactive in searching for useful technology. These gadgets enable you to provide them with the best care available.

By Lizzie Weakley


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