Hi tech watches

Hi tech watches have invaded the global market.

The watches has suffered a dramatic change, they aren’t used just to show the exact time, they heave become real hi tech gadgets.

You can see some models of hi tech watches.

1. Casio WQV10 Colour Wrist Camera


You can have up to 100 color images stored in the memory. You can also store names and phone numbers.

The camera has a 4,096-color LCD monitor screen, and you can use 2x digital zoom and a camera timer that can be set for 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

With Casio WQV10 Colour Wrist Camera you will need the infrared adapter to enable you to upload images to your PC.

The price for thi hi tech watch is £159.95.

2. Home Theater Watch


The watch has a 1.5? screen and uses a resolution of 260,000 pixels. This watch gadget supports MP3, WMA, and MP4 (NXV) format. You can also see images (JPG format). It also has super bass and 3-D sound effects.

It’s price – around $150.

3. Abacus Wrist PDA


You have a fully functional PDA at your hand.

This gadget’s screen has a resolution of 160 x 160 which is enough for most users. The display is a touch-screen.

Abacus PDA uses the 4.1.2 version of Palm OS. This gadget came with some themes to make it look even better.

To protect you from information thieves the PDA watch is password protected: the watch will not turn to the PDA mode until you type in the password.

It’s price $249.99.

4. Seiko SNA413P1 Flightmaster Chronograph


This hitech watch features: Bi-directional E6B pilot’s slide ruler, Alarm hand can also be used to indicate time in a second time zone,Lumibrite hour hands and indexes, Water Resistant : 200 m.

The Seiko price is £189.99.

The last hi tech watch which will be presented today is Suunto X6M.


The Suunto X6 is specifically designed for Cross Sport applications – it features an Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Compass, Watch and PC Downloading.

The price for this watch gadget is £251.96.


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  1. I reckon the Suunto X6M would be perfect for when I go snowboarding. It’s very pricey at £251.96 though.

  2. Sunto watches are a little bit expensive but they worth the money.
    Sunto creates very smart watches.

  3. Hi how can i get a free watches here on this website

  4. Does exist a watch with a word processor?
    I mean a watch where i can read my word files?

  5. Love the abacus pda watch…you can put in your personal data with you everywhere. Though nowdays handphone have all the function but this watch is great. Cheers

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