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Do you ever consider of disposing the expensive Asian cuisine cookbook and go for the more handy and convenient recipe application that you can download on your mobile phone for free? The Asian Cuisine application for iOS is available for the mobile users who have a tasteful preference over Asian dishes. The app is ready for download for free on any iOS device which makes it a handy tool to use when you are in search of a good number of Asian recipes from diverse origins.


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Application loaded with more than 90 healthy recipes across Asia

If you are in scout for the best and the healthiest cuisines in Asia, the app has 90 different cuisines from across China, Japan, Korea and Thailand that are free to use as reference from your mobile device. Whether you are looking for an exotic Asian dish or a simple recipe to serve to your special guests, the app has great choices that are available for you. The best part is you can actually customize your search for a healthy recipe by providing your preferences on a healthy menu that you find to be most suitable for your diet. The app will filter your search result for a particular dish that meets your diet like a purely vegetarian or a low sodium menu or those with a speck of special spices. You can also indicate your own preference for a high fiber menu as well. You will be surprised to find that there are absolutely wide ranges of healthy Asian cuisines that are available for you from the app and the number is growing.

An app loaded with convenience

There are many features that are available with Asian Cuisines mobile application. It can offer you a handy timer feature that allows you to cook your recipes with an easy alarm to remind you of your cooking time frame. It also comes with a calendar reminder to make you remember when and what to buy for your dishes when you visit the grocery store. With its integrated shopping list, you will enjoy using the app with everything you need in one application. If you have prepared some Asian cuisines that you like the most, you can always mark it as your favorite for easy reference should you want to cook the dish once more.

The app also comes with an easy navigation feature that any person can easily use the app with ease and convenience. It is easier to understand how to complete each cooking step as the step-by-step guide is reinforced with an image instruction to optimize the learning process of its user. Most importantly, the Asian menus available have a growing list of new cuisines that are updated on the app to give you the latest and newest flavorful Asian menus available from

Download the app for free on iOS

Imagine how much you can save from this free app that you can easily download on iOS devices. With over 90 Asian cuisines available for you for free, with its additional great features of a shopping list, cooking timer and social sharing feature, the Asian Cuisines application is the best deal that you can get from the iTunes store.

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