We usually use our gadgets without appreciating them. Because we get used to a certain object we often forgot how was life without it. In today’s article I am going to talk about some gadgets which are making our life easier. I am going to talk about headsets.


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A headset can be a useful gadget. It allows the user to listen music and to take phone calls. These can be used at home, when performing sport activities or at the office.

What is great is that we got a 2 in 1 device: a headphone and a microphone. There are many types of headsets. They are divided into two main categories: single-earpiece (mono) and double-earpiece(stereo). These devices work as hands-free and usually mobile phones’ users love them.

These gadgets are used everywhere because lately there is an ascending trend. Because Bluetooth was integrated into headsets, these became more and more popular.

Joggers, people who work out or perform different physical activities like to use a Bluetooth headset made for sports. These headsets connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the user can listen to music or take phone calls. Most models feature anti tangle cables, easy control buttons for accepting/rejecting phone calls, increasing/decreasing the volume. In plus the sport headset will stay fix while you jog or work out.

Another type of popular headsets is the one for people who are addicted by their phones. Some use their phones for fun, while others need to take phone calls all day long. These people often use a single-earpiece as a hands-free device for taking phone calls.

The plantronics headsets for office are also popular because many businesses have a call center to communicate with their customers. Almost every call center I know utilizes headsets. In this industry the classic phone is dead or it will die soon. The headsets are useful for call center employees because they have their hands free and can use them to search for information on a computer for example which was harder if they used a phone. In plus a Bluetooth headset gives the user extra freedom. Most of them have a 10m range.

The control buttons which are placed in a handy position are one of the main advantages of these type of headsets. People can easily take phone calls and control the volume.

Finally, there are headsets for audiophiles. These tend to be more expensive because they must deliver a superior sound quality. Of course these are double-earpiece and stereo, the sound quality is great and also include a microphone.

I use two sets of headsets: one for sport activities and one for enjoying music and videos from my tablet. At work I use the sport headset because it is smaller and lighter than the other one.

I like Bluetooth headsets a lot because there are no cables to untangle, the wireless technology gives us extra freedom, the devices are super simple to use and compatible with any smartphone, tablet or laptop which features Bluetooth.

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