Handsfree Can Opener


The new Handsfree Can Opener is a great gift for anyone with limited hand strength and for everyone who’s tired of two-handed twisting and jagged lids. 

This portable, battery-powered opener is small enough to stash in a drawer (or apron pocket), versatile enough to deal with any size can, and cordless for convenient use anywhere — all around the kitchen or out camping, too.

It’s really simple to use — just secure it to the top of the can and hold the button down for a second. Automatically, it travels around and cuts a smooth edge just below the rim. For larger cans, press twice. When it stops, the lid lifts off safely — without any sharp edges. Of course, there are other handsfree openers, but typical big electrics are stuck in place and can’t handle bigger cans; and there are “easy-grip” openers, too, but the twisting is a pain. In fact, you just can’t beat the ease and convenience of this new invention. This pocketsize gadget is just 6 1/2″ long and weighs 7 oz. It will open plenty of cans — about 100 — on 2 AA batteries.

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