Handmade paper stand/dock for iPhone 4/4S

An handy stand/dock for iPhone from a simple A4 or Letter cardboard. Eco-iP4 is a lightweight and economic stand/dock which allows you to use your iPhone with a 45° inclination and a little space on your desk.


You can use it with the USB cable attached and even with a cover on your device.

Eco-iP4 allows you to use the rear camera and reduce motion blur, and, compared to other plastic docks, Eco-iP4 allows the use of the USB cable without stressing it. And it’s completely ecological.


Eco-iP4 has two little "wings" which prevent your iPhone to fall sideways due to excessively powerful "slides". Want a landscape stand? No problem! With just two little cuts you’ll be able to hold your iPhone in landscape mode.

Just print it, cut it and fold it in 15 minutes. Easy, isn’t it?

With just a small PayPal donation you’ll have the PDF file and the instructions you need to print and build your own stand.

You can enjoy printing it on a colored cardboard or customize it with sentences, aphorisms or pictures (on demand).

Eco-iP4 can be printed both on A4 and American Letter cardboards (279x216mm).

  • Use an cardboard (297x210mm) or Letter format, with a grammage of
    200gr/mq or higher, better if matte and even better if recycled.
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and latest generation iPod Touch

You can read more about this on http://eco-iphone-stand.blogspot.com/2012/02/handmade-paper-stand-ecological.html.

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