Handheld Security: 4 Phone Apps to Help Keep You Safe

Today, there are apps available to meet virtually any need on the planet. From apps that help you count calories to apps that will give you directions when you are lost. However, perhaps the most valuable apps are those that help keep you safe. The following are four apps that will make you and your family safer:

Handheld Security

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Everyday First Aid

This app helps you understand how best to deal with every emergency from an insect bite to a cut. When an emergency occurs, you can access the app for clear and concise directions detailing the best methods of treatment. It contains a CPR guide and demonstrates wound cleaning methods. Often times, it is difficult to remember the specifics of CPR and other emergency techniques when you are in the middle of an emergency. Therefore, this is a very worthwhile app.

Security apps

Many home security companies are now offering their customers apps in which to better utilize their home security systems. For example in Knoxville, Tennessee, home security systems come complete with remote access via smart phones. This means parents can check on their children who are home alone or make sure their home’s doors and windows are locked all from their phones. Moreover, some apps even allow homeowners to unlock their home’s doors from a remote location. The security system keeps your home protected, but the app makes the security system more accessible.

Emergency Medical Center Locator

In the event of an emergency, you can access this app to locate the nearest emergency medical center. It can even reveal hospitals that specialize in trauma, stroke, pediatrics, cardiac issues and burns. It is a worthwhile app to obtain because it is often difficult to make sense of directions when you are in a panic. You may simply forget where the nearest hospital is when you are in such a state. Moreover, if you are on vacation or out-of-town, it can lead you to an emergency room even in an unfamiliar area.


It can become difficult to remember to take all your medication. This is especially true if you are prescribed more than a few. The app Pillboxie takes the guesswork out of the equation. It remembers when you are to take each of your prescribed medications and notifies you when it is time to take each one. Never again will you forget to take that medication you need for ideal health.

The four apps listed above will keep you and your family safer. Consider using one or all of them as they each meet a valid need.

Article by Jayla Barnsen

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