GUNNAR Optiks review

I have received a pair of GUNNAR Optiks for reviewing them. I’ve tested the glasses for 3 days and in this post I will share my experience with you.

The pair I got is GUNNAR Optiks ROCKET – see the image below.


Who is GUNNAR Optiks

GUNNAR Optiks is a technology company that has pioneered the development of digital performance eyewear engineered to give even the most demanding computer users an immediate and noticeable visual advantage.

Glasses benefits:

  • An immediate increase in contrast, optical resolution and detail
  • An improvement in visual performance demonstrated throughout the day
  • An increase in productivity attained over longer periods of time


GUNNAR Optiks glasses us the i-AMP™ lens technology which relaxes the ocular muscles that strain to view text and images on most digital devices. By improving eye focus, reducing glare/reflective light, conditioning and shifting the color spectrum, and tuning artificial light – GUNNAR’s i-AMP lens technology gives computer users optimal visual performance, prevents digital eye fatigue and protects against computer vision syndrome.

GUNNAR Optiks review

Using the Gunnar glasses indeed helps. They act as old monitor filters (filters applied in front of the monitor to help your ocular muscles relax) but instead of lowering the contrast the glasses increase it.

After a while my eyes were accommodating with the glasses and I felt very comfortable working on my computer.


Gunnar Optiks glasses are a recommended gadget for every computer user because they relax your eyes.

Pricing and availability

GUNNAR Optiks are available in many shapes and you can add a prescription if you need it. You can see all the models on GUNNAR website. Price range: $79-$189.

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  1. Cool product. How I wish I can purchase one.
    I recently had my eyes check just so I can order a pair of anti-glare glasses. According to the doctor, I am “near-sighted.” Now I feel like vomiting in front of the computer every time I use the glasses. It’s not doing anything good for my eyes. It just makes me feel dizzy and my eyesight blurry.

  2. For something so useful, this looks way cool 🙂 I’d love to have one. This will be most useful to those who spend long hours in front of the computer. Programmers, designers, bloggers, gamers, so basically its just about everyone! Thanks for the great review!

  3. I think i could do with a paire of these im never of the pc latley my work is never done

  4. Hey nice product.. wish to own one !

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