Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand Review

The latest product I tested was the Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand.

The Gum Rock is a compact Bluetooth speaker which also can work as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. It has a unique suction pad which makes it easily attachable on tablets, phones and other areas (I stick it on my desk jut for fun).



Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand main features and specs:

  • features Bluetooth technology for wireless connection with your devices
  • a portable desk stand and speaker rolled into one
  • suction cup design – place your speaker anywhere you please
  • splash-resistant – great for in the bathroom or kitchen
  • premium tuned drivers provide superb sound reproduction
  • easy to use button interface for greater control of your music
  • integrated mic for handsfree calls
  • built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours wirelessly
  • Bluetooth 3.0, CSR solution
  • driver: 40mm 4 Ohms 3W
  • battery: 4500mAh Li-ion
  • voltage: 3.7 V
  • output power: 3W

Gum Rock review

The first thing I noticed about the Gum rock is the compact design. The speaker is small and light so you can easily take it with you outdoors. 

The suction pad stands out and it is funny – sometime useful also – to attach it to a smartphone or tablet. Also it can be attached on places where regular speakers can not be placed. The Gum Rock can be attached on to mirrors, windows or other smooth surfaces to listen music or for calls.

This Bluetooth speaker is coated in silicone which makes it splash resistant and can be used safely in kitchen, bathrooms or outdoors. 

To connect the speaker to a smartphone or tablet all you have to do is to turn it on, pair and connect. It takes less than 1 minute and you will be able to listen music and take calls.

The gadget has 3 buttons which allows you to skip forward and back tracks as well as control the volume. This is very useful when listening music. The speaker has a 35 foot range and you don’t have to stick it to a phone/tablet.

The sound quality is good and also the sound is quite powerful in a small room.

The integrated microphone makes it useful as a hands-free device and it can me used a car. Also the speaker can be used with chat programs such as iChat®, Skype®, Google Talk™.

The battery lasts for 6 hours and you can charge the Gum Rock via USB.

In conclusion: a compact Bluetooth speaker and stand for smartphone and tablets which is ultra portable, splash resistant and has useful buttons for skipping tracks and increasing/decreasing the volume. The Gum Rock also has an integrated mic which transforms it into a hands free device. The sound quality is good for both music and phone conversations.

Pricing and availability

The Gum Rock price tag is $21.49 and in my opinion it worth its money because it has a lot of useful features. You can get a Gum Rock from

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