Griffin iTrip For iPod Nano 1st Generation

Griffin iTrip For iPod Nano 1st Generation

iTrip wirelessly sends the iPod nano’s audio to any FM receiver, to free you from the tyranny of headphones.iTrip for iPod nano interfaces with the user in a completely original way.

It uses the nano’s own clear, bright screen to display tuning and setup information. This efficient approach makes iTrip for nano the slimmest, lightest, and best-looking iPod accessory, ever. Also, the easiest to use.

Griffin’s SmartDisplay technology seamlessly integrates all functions and features with the iPod nano. One-touch navigation puts all iTrip functions at a single fingertip.

The exclusive SmartSense? volume control dynamically adjusts the iPod’s volume level for optimal audio quality. Also, users can control iTrip’s volume level through the iPod’s standard click wheel adjustment. iTrip accomplishes all this without adding bulk to the slim, sexy iPod nano.

The nano slides into iTrip and securely connects via the iPod’s dock and headphone connectors. iTrip’s patented micro grip material provides a secure grip that never loses its holding properties. iTrip’s innovative selectable mono or stereo modes allow the user to adjust for the absolute best possible audio transmission under real-world conditions. Keeping your music broadcasting is no problem.

iTrip draws its nominal power directly from iPod nano, requiring no batteries or AC adapters. A built-in USB Mini-B port allows you to charge or synchronize your iPod while iTrip is in use.

In your auto or at home, iTrip is the perfect way to listen to your iPod. Only compatible with 1st Generation iPod Nano, not new 2nd Generation

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