Griffin iTrip Auto Universal For All MP3 Players

Griffin iTrip Auto Universal For All MP3 Players

iTrip Auto Universal lets you send music wirelessly from your portable player to your FM radio, so you can listen on your stereo speaker system. The standard 3.5mm audio plug works with all popular MP3, CD and portable tape players … and, of course, iPods. iTrip Auto Universal gets its juice by means of a 12 Volt accessory outlet in your dashboard. Its large, clear LCD makes setup a snap, and innovative features like switchable LX/DX Modes ensure great sound even in large cities with lots of radio stations crowding the dial. Using iTrip is as simple as tuning your radio. Pick a frequency on your FM dial at which you hear silence or static, then tune iTrip to broadcast to that same frequency. Before you know it, you’re sharing your tunes with the entire car. Say good-bye to headphones and earbuds, and hello to audio freedom.

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