Great Ways towards an Energy Efficient Home

Simply speaking a “Zero Energy Home” is the one that produces as much energy as it consumes. As summer is around the corner, you would love to reduce the energy bills to almost zero dollars a month. Although, getting zero-energy home requires a good deal of planning and effort yet everyone can accomplish it.


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Shift Your Home Towards Zero Energy:

Following lines explain how you can shift your home towards zero-energy.

· Installing Low Flow Fixtures:

Most of the low flow faucets and showerheads actually aerate water meaning you consume less energy heating it. You need not to replace the entire sink but the actual thing that determines the maximum flow is the aerator that is actually a screw at the top of the faucet. This simplest and cheapest of modification will save you a bundle of dollars on heating water costs.

· Swap Out Light Bulbs:

It is time to install modern incandescent energy bulbs that will use 25% less energy as compared to traditional ones. If you want reduce costs even more, resort to light emitting diode (LED) bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) that will consume whooping 70-80% less energy than traditional bulbs. However, CFLs contain small amount of mercury and therefore you should recycle them rather than throwing them in trash.

· Enhance insulation:

The biggest sources of air leakage in homes are attics and basements. Therefore, you need to locate leaks in these parts of the house and learn how to close them by improving the overall insulation.

· Seal Holes and Cracks:

Any obvious or hidden cracks in walls, floors, roofs, ceilings are the potentials source of air leakage. The cheapest and quickest method to make your home more energy efficient is by caulking, weather- stripping or applying foam sealants to larger gaps.

· Turn off Lights, Appliances and Computers:

This tip has been repeated so many times that people no longer pay heed to it. However, this will not cost you even a dime and you can save considerable amount of energy and thus dollars. You need to make it a habit and should teach children that you need to switch off these things every time you leave the room.

· Replace an Old AC System:

As summers are approaching it the perfect time to reassess the performance of your AC system. If you are replacing an old central system or installing a new one, always go for those that are certified as energy efficient by modern standards. Furthermore, all the latest models of window ACs are twice as energy efficient as older models and therefore a new air conditioner can cut your summer bills nearly to half.

· Adding a Source of Renewable Energy:

As described above, a perfect zero energy home must balance the energy used with energy produced. In simple words, it means that you should start thinking about producing some of your own energy. In this regard, installing solar panels is the cheapest and best option for most of the homeowners these days. However in some countries, you can also actually purchase the renewable energy from the local power companies.


Energy crisis has taken complete hold of most the countries in the world and as a result prices are soaring high. Therefore, you need to make your home energy efficient to reduce the monthly bills accordingly. In this regard, above mentioned tips will definitely help you in the long run.

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